a (short) film about a mini-mart cashier, a guy in transition, and a box of tampons

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The Film

Our short film follows Kirby (he/him), a trans man in his mid-twenties who, over his first few months on testosterone, heads to the local convenience store in San Francisco to pick up tampons each month he still has his period.

During his first trip to the corner store, he meets Phoebe (she/her), the sociable cashier who is pleasantly surprised and intrigued at the scene she perceives: A man secure enough to buy tampons for his girlfriend? In the heat of the moment, Kirby doesn’t correct her.

As Kirby starts making regular trips to the corner store, Devin (they/them), his best friend and roommate, picks up on Kirby’s interest in this mini-mart girl. With their encouragement, will Kirby tell Phoebe the truth? And if he does, how will she react?

This story is:

  • A meet-cute between two individuals that audiences might not expect to be drawn together romantically
  • A facet of one trans person’s experience with gender-affirming hormone therapy
  • A comedy about life’s inconveniences and deciding to take them in stride — as Kirby is known to say, “It is what it is”
  • A reminder to let yourself indulge in a really good bag of chips
  • A film about embracing yourself and making the choice to not run away, but instead let others in

Meet the characters

Kirby's bio

Phoebe's bio

Devin's bio

Cast and Crew


  • Kirby: Eisa Al-Shamma
  • Phoebe: Amy Stringer 🌐
  • Devin: Edna Mira Raia 🌐
  • Mother: Catarina Kim
  • Daughter: Chloe Christensen


  • Writer & Director: Alex Greenspan 🌐
  • Producer & Assistant Director: Haley Baldwin
  • Director of Photography: Aja Pop 🌐
  • 1st AC: Avery Hudson
  • 2nd AC: Lana Vy
  • Gaffer: Ryan Castañeda
  • Production Sound Mixer: PJ Shulsky 🌐
  • Art Director: Samantha Alexa
  • Costume Designer & Production Design Assistant: Sirisha Varigonda
  • Hair & Makeup Artist: Christy-Rocket McCann
  • PA: Bahar Gozeman
  • PA: Clinton Law


  • Editor: Sowj Kudva 🌐
  • Sound Designer & Foley Artist: PJ Shulsky 🌐
  • Closed Captioner: StormMiguel Florez 🌐
  • Composer: Hugh Holton 🌐
  • Colorist: Bryan Perido 🌐
  • Producer: Haley Baldwin
  • Director: Alex Greenspan 🌐